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UC Merced Alumni Association Meeting Minutes


The UC Merced Alumni Association Board provides opportunities for enthusiastic alumni to become more engaged with the university and serve its needs. The board supports the strategic goals of the Alumni Office to increase alumni involvement with the university through leveraging networks and engagement opportunities. Board membership is a privilege, and prospective members must complete applications to be considered.

The board is also under the purview of the University of California's Administrative Guidelines for Alumni Associations and Constituency Groups. The board's functions include:

  • Fostering and maintaining links between the association’s members and the University of California, Merced;

  • Promoting leadership and a spirit of citizenship amongst alumni;

  • Acting as the main conduit in exchanging information and ideas between the university and alumni;

  • Aiding in the university's advancement; 

  • Acting as a network to build a strong foundation for UC Merced students

If you have questions or suggestions about UC Merced engaging alumni, the Alumni Board can be one of your most effective means of communicating your ideas and concerns.