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UCMAA Board Application Criteria

UCMAA Board Application Criteria


In an effort to ensure that the UC Merced Alumni Association Board (UCMAA Board) is not only comprised of the best alumni applicants but is also representative of the alumni population at large in terms of gender, class year, school and region, the following scoring system has been created to aid the Nominating Committee in reviewing the applications. 

The UCMAA Board application process is a holistic review of the new applicants and re-applying board members. This rubric is used as a minimum review threshold in determining which applicants may be selected for an interview with the Nominating Committee. This rubric, the interview, current board culture and current board composition are all factors in the selection process. The evaluation process will continue to be redefined and evolve each year as needed to ensure that the alumni leadership represents the association at the present time. 

The Nominating Committee is comprised of the Immediate Past President, Vice President, Director of Alumni Relations and two board members that are appointed by the President and approved by the UCMAA Board. The Nominating Committee will thoroughly review all applications using a point system, select candidates will be extended an opportunity to interview and finalists will be recommended to the UCMAA Board* for review and approval. Those who have been approved by the UCMAA Board will serve a three-year term starting from July 1, 2022 and ending on June 30, 2025. 

Stay up to date with the UCMAA Board Application process by joining us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Once you submit your application we invite you to post an update on social media using #UCMAABoadApps. If you have any questions please contact the Office of Alumni Relations directly at 209.228.ALUM or

*Note: UCMAA Board members who are re-applying are not permitted to participate in the review and voting of applications.




What skills, experiences or abilities do you have that will make the greatest impact on your service to the UCMAA Board as it reaches out across the community and world to better engage UC Merced alumni?

New Applicants: Please describe a personal project you will initiate during your first year as a board member.

Re-applying Board Members: What contributions have you made to the UC Merced Alumni Association outside of your board service? What will you do for the next three years as a board member?



What extracurricular community involvement have you pursued, as a UC Merced and/or an alum, to give back to your community and/or alma mater? Please elaborate on your role in these endeavors and any of your professional affiliations (ex: Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber, RCO advisor, UCMAA Chapter Leader, additional boards).



A conservative estimate is that a UCMAA Board member devotes about 5-10 hours per month with meetings and events. 
Given your current and future time commitments, how do you see incorporating the UCMAA Board time commitment into your schedule?



Which Alumni Relations & UCMAA pillars would you work on as a board member – Connections & Mentorship, Philanthropy, and Community Mobilization?



Philanthropy is a priority of the UCMAA Board to support UC Merced’s immense transformational efforts. The Board culture supports 100% meaningful giving to our alma mater by each individual Board member.As such:

  1. What is your personal definition of philanthropy and its impact?
  2. Why and how would you support UC Merced through philanthropy?



  • What inspired you to apply to the UCMAA Board?
  • Who recommended and/or referred you to apply for the UC Merced Alumni Board?



Overall involvement and engagement as an alumnus is a key factor in the application evaluation process.



Applicants will be required to submit a copy of their current resume to provide experiential context to the Nominating Committee and UCMAA Board – the inclusion of volunteer history is recommended.  


The committee may conduct interviews in the month of June.