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UC Merced Alumni Regent Responsibilities and Description

UC Merced Alumni Regent

The University of California is governed by The Regents, a 26-member board that includes president and vice president of the Alumni Association of UC (AAUC) who serve as ex officio members. The Alumni Regent positions are appointed per rotation approved by AAUC and serve two-year terms.  

UC Merced is seeking a highly qualified candidate to serve as its first volunteer Alumni Regent on the University of California Board of Regents, and as an Officer of the Alumni Association of the University of California (AAUC), for the term July 1, 2022 thru June 30, 2024. 

Candidates must be graduates of UC Merced; have a complete understanding and appreciation of the mission of the UC Regents and UC Merced Alumni Association; and may not be a current UC employee. Preference will be given to individuals who have a history of active participation in the UC Merced Alumni Association and/or in UC Merced activities and programs. 

General Responsibilities: 

  • Represent alumni interests on issues before the UC Board of Regents.  
  • Serve on special University-wide committees, Regents’ task forces, or on Standing Committees of The Regents. 
  • Provide Regents meeting briefings at the quarterly AAUC meetings. 
  • Promote awareness of system-wide issues and concerns among AAUC member organizations by meeting with campus alumni associations and/or other campus boards. 
  • Represent the AAUC at Regents’ functions, such as annual Regents' dinner to honor alumni leadership, and all official AAUC functions. 
  • As a member of the AAUC executive committee, assume a leadership role in assisting staff to implement existing AAUC programs, developing agenda items for AAUC meetings, and develop new system-wide alumni initiatives. 
  • Play a key role in the biannual UC Day advocacy event in Sacramento. 
  • Serve as a standing representative of the UC Merced Alumni Association Board of Directors. The Alumni Regent is not a voting member of the board; however, is expected to participate in meetings and activities.

Significant Time Commitment Required: 
The time commitment has been called "rigorous" by past Alumni Regents.  Regents are expected to attend every Regents and AAUC meeting. Reading and prep work for each meeting is extensive. The ideal candidate will allow time to devote to this role, in addition to their family and work obligations. 

Time commitments include: 

  • Six Regents Meetings – three days each 
  • Review of Regent Board packets, which are often 500-1,000 pages’ long 
  • Meet with campus alumni board –one or two occasions annually 
  • Attend meetings/events at the request of the Regents as needed – varies  
  • Up to four quarterly AAUC Meetings and Dinners – one day each 
  • Monthly AAUC Officers’ Conference Calls – one hour each 
  • Yearly AAUC summer one-day planning and orientation meeting 
  • Attend UC Day advocacy events in Sacramento – two days every year 
  • Attend quarterly meetings of the UC Merced Alumni Association Board of Directors 
  • Attend major events sponsored by the UC Merced Alumni Association 
  • Travel is required. Travel expenses are reimbursed. 

Board of Regents 
The University of California is governed by The Board of Regents, a 26-member board that includes four Alumni Regent positions. Two are appointed each year, according to a rotation approved by the AAUC, for two year terms. Each appointee serves one year as a non-voting Regent Designate, and then one year as a voting Regent.  

The selected candidate will serve as: 
Alumni Regent-designate and AAUC Treasurer or Secretary: July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023; and 
Alumni Regent and AAUC Vice President or President: July 1, 2023 thru June 30, 2024. 

Alumni Association of the University of California (AAUC) 
The AAUC is comprised of alumni leaders from each UC campus. The four Alumni Regents serve as officers of the AAUC (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). The AAUC members include the four officers, and the following from each of the UC campuses: Alumni Association Presidents (voting), Alumni Association Executive Directors (non-voting), one staff representative (non-voting), and Executive Director of AAUC from the UCOP Alumni Relations staff (non-voting). 

AAUC Purposes: 

  1. To create an organization representative of all alumni of the University of California. 

  2. To promote the welfare of the University of California. 

  3. To provide for the selection of a secretary and a treasurer invited to attend meetings of Board of Regents pursuant to its Bylaws and commonly referred to as “Regents-Designate”.

  4. To provide for the selection of a president and a vice president to serve as the ex officio member(s) of the Board of Regent of the University of California to represent the alumni of the University as provided in the State Constitution. 

  5. To provide for the selection of an alumnus of the University to serve on the Governor’s Advisory Committee on the selection of Regents as provided in the State Constitution. 

  6. To facilitate an exchange of ideas, experiences, and resources among constituent members. 

  7. To promote and conduct activities of mutual benefit to the constituent members of the University of California. 


  • President and Regent 
  • Vice President and Regent 
  • Secretary and Regent Designate 
  • Treasurer and Regent Designate 

Officer Responsibilities: 
The president and vice president preside jointly at all AAUC meetings of the members. Special meetings of member associations may be called and held at such time and place as the president, with the approval of the vice president, secretary, or treasurer, may from time to time specify in writing.  

The president and the vice president shall hold the ex officio seats upon the Board of Regents of the University of California. The secretary and treasurer shall attend meetings of the Board of Regents as Regent-designate. 

During the fiscal year following their terms of office, the immediate past president or immediate past vice president, as UC Merced Alumni Regent and AAUC Officer determined by a majority vote of the representatives of the member associations, shall serve a one-year term on the Governor’s Advisory Committee on the selection of Regents. 

UC Merced Alumni Association 
The UC Merced Alumni Association serves to:

  • Foster and maintain links between the Association’s members and UC Merced
  • Promote leadership and a spirit of citizenship amongst alumni
  • Act as the main conduit for the exchange of information and ideas between the University and the alumni
  • Aid in the advancement of the University
  • Act as a network towards building strong foundations for the students of the University

APPLICATIONS WILL REOPEN IN 2027. If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or call 209.228.2586.