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Let The Journey Continue

Selection Process

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Search Process Overview:

May 2021 – August 2021

  • Identify and confirm alumni for Selection Oversight Committee
  • Finalize committee members & meeting schedule
  • Finalize meeting logistics (Webform, Communications/Marketing, etc.)
  • Discuss, draft, and approve Alumni Regent Application
  • Launch and collect Alumni Regent Applications (2 Months)

Fall 2021

  • September: Coordination + completion of Round 1 Application Review
  • October: Coordination + completion of Round 2 Vetting (with potential extension)
  • November - December: Coordinate and complete Round 3 reviews

Winter 2022

  • UCMAA Board Votes on UC Merced Alumni Regent Candidate
  • Inform Candidate of Selection

Spring/Summer 2022

  • Announce Alumni Regent-Designate
  • Alumni Regent-Designate asked to attend the Board or Regents meeting
  • Alumni Regent-Designate begins their 2-year term and role as an AAUC Officer (July 1)