UC Merced Alumni Association

Class of 2006

On May 11, 2006, the first three graduates of University of California, Merced, became the founding members of the UC Merced Alumni Association (UCMAA), and the tradition of staying connected to the university began.

With nearly 9,000 alumni, the Alumni Association has grown by more than a third each of the past four years and will continue to grow at that rate each year for several years to come.

UCMAA membership is free upon successful obtainment of your UC Merced undergraduate or graduate degree.

We welcome all of our degree-holding alumni to join us in celebration of their alma mater and support of our students.

Throughout this website, you will find examples of ways for UC Merced alumni to engage with UC Merced and with each other. We invite you to explore the many opportunities available including events on campus or across the country, career-based programming, volunteer roles, online connections and further growth of our alumni network.

Most of all, we hope that you will stay involved and stay in touch.

Let the Journey Continue