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Let The Journey Continue

UCMAA Board Member | Adrian Chavez

Adrian Chavez 

Adrian Chavez '19 | UCMAA Board Director

Why did you apply for the UC Merced Alumni Association Board of Directors?

I applied to the UC Merced Alumni Association Board of Directors as a commitment to the UC Merced community. Being from the Central Valley it’s rewarding to form part of a collective group aiming towards a prosperous future for UC Merced and communities. I applied in order to give back to a community that has provided opportunities to myself and others. I joined to cultivate positive change. 

How do you balance being on the UCMAA Board with your personal and professional committees? 

To balance my time I set my online calendar with professional and personal events to my connected devices. In synchronizing my devices I’m able to get notified by phone, computer or other device. This results in having a structured timeline to follow in order to balance and maximize my commitment to various committees. 

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