Office of Alumni Relations Strategic Plan

UC Merced's Office of Alumni Relations is dedicated to building programs designed to engage alumni in the missions of the University of California Office of the President, UC Merced, the Alumni Association of the University of California and the UC Merced Alumni Association.

In developing a strategic plan for the next five years (2015-2020), the Office of Alumni Relations has identified six mission areas where alumni support is essential for UC Merced to grow and prosper. These mission areas are as follows:


The Office of Alumni Relations promotes citizenship and leadership of UC Merced alumni by encouraging their involvement as UC advocates, especially regarding their potential impact on future tuition policy. Alumni advocacy is important at both the state and federal levels.

Community Impact

The Office of Alumni Relations strives to establish our UC Merced alumni as vital community partners, sharing their technology and expertise with the community and supporting community-based initiatives. Positive impact happens beyond Merced and occurs in every community in which we have alumni support.

Lifelong Learning

The Office of Alumni Relations develops programs that encourage alumni to be lifelong learners, supporting the research culture of campus. Lifelong learning includes inviting alumni to intellectual programs and events.


The Office of Alumni Relations strives to increase alumni philanthropy while cultivating a culture of philanthropy across campus with both alumni and students. Donations to the UC Merced Alumni Association Fund specifically support the growth of programs and opportunities for alumni to engage with UC Merced.

Student Support

The Office of Alumni Relations encourages targeted alumni involvement in supporting community college transfers, undocumented students, graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, San Joaquin Valley residents and talented undergraduate students. One of the primary goals of student support is to educate our students on what it means to be alumni. We also want to build a culture of alumni supporting students across campus.