SJV UC Alumni Network Information & Activities

The purpose of the SJV UC Alumni Network is to:

Opportunity for Alumni to Connect

The Network provides the same benefits as belonging to any UC alumni chapter including the opportunity to network with fellow UC alumni, come together for events, volunteer in supporting chapter initiatives and serving as mentors for current and prospective UC students. In these ways, UC alumni have many opportunities to interact and develop relationships with their fellow SJV UC alumni.

In addition to the Network's official opportunities for alumni interaction, SJV UC Alumni are also invited to participate in UC Merced sponsored events, such as our Outdoor Adventures program.

Educate Alumni about the UC 

Network members receive a variety of communications throughout the year regarding information about the UC's achievements. During every monthly meeting, a report is given on some of the latest campus news, UC-wide updates and upcoming events so that the Network can stay connected to the pulse of activity at the university. In addition to these informational meetings, members receive two emails monthly that highlight information of relevance. All Network events include a short university update as well so that all attendees are informed. 

Monthly meetings occur at 5:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at UC Merced's Mondo building, 1715 Canal St., Merced. Occasionally, meetings will be scheduled at other locations such as restaurants or on campus, depending on that meeting's agenda and the input of the group.

Connect Alumni with Students

The Network is very interested in the ongoing development of current and future university students. Annual Network events include the Fall and Spring Study Breaks, during which volunteers distribute food to students during finals week, in addition to the Summer Fun Celebration. These events are meant to welcome new students into the UC community and all the Network to reach out and connect with current and future UC students.

Promote UC and UC Merced

Members of the Network promote UC Merced and the system in a variety of ways including writing editorials for local newspapers, hosting events for area educators and attending UC Day in Sacramento each year. Every Network member is encouraged to sign up for e-alerts on governmental actions that will affect the UC through our website. 

UC for California, Stand up for the University of California

It's time we stand up and make ourselves heard. Almost 300,000 have joined the fight. You can help. Together, we can make a difference. Join UC for California to stay informed about legislation affecting the UC system. Help make the case to lawmakers that investment in the UC truly is one of the best choices they can make to help get California back on the right track. It takes less than three minutes to become a UC advocate today

Promote the UC Merced Alumni Association

With such a young alumni population, UC Merced greatly benefits from the advice and guidance the Network provides to our young alumni. In addition to members serving on an advisory committee to help craft the new UC Merced Alumni Association Board and welcoming UC Merced alumni on the Network's Board, the Network also coordinates events for alumni and invites UC Merced alumni to participate in their programming.

Class Gift Support

Each year the Network coordinates a Spring Reception that serves as a fundraiser for that year's class gift. Because of their efforts, the Network has helped make many class gifts a reality for these graduating students, allowing them to leave legacies at their alma mater.

Interested in Learning More?

Fill out our interest form for more information or contact Chris Abrescy at to learn more about the Network and its programs.