Alumni Advocacy

What is an Alumni advocate?

It's simpler than it sounds. Alumni speak up about the fate of higher education and their own alma mater. Alumni advocacy empowers alumni to express themselves in many ways as voices for our future.

With a minimal time commitment, alumni advocates are ambassadors for the university to our state and federal elected officials.

When public policy issues arise that significantly affect the campus (such as the state general fund budget), you can receive an email alert requesting your participation by writing letters or making phone calls to your elected representatives.

By signing up to be an alumni advocate for UC Merced, we will keep you informed as issues related to UC move through the legislative process, and invite you to events, town halls and forums.

As an alumni advocate, you can visit state legislators in their district offices to talk about UC Merced's impact in your region. And we encourage you to tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues about the importance of the university in your life, your community and your state.

Adequate state funding of the UC is critical for California's future. Between dwindling state resources for public higher education and legislation that affects the UC mission, the need for strong advocates is more important than ever.

The University of California Needs You!