2011 Class Gift

The Class of 2011 is supporting an...

Endowed Scholarship

for future UC Merced students

This endowed scholarship will make an important impact on the lives of many scholarship recipients to come.

Make YOUR 2011 Class Gift donation today!

UC Merced graduates have a tradition of giving back to UC Merced upon graduation. As a contributor to your 2011 Class Gift, you will improve the student experience for dozens of classes to come. Your class gift is a way for you to leave a legacy at UC Merced -- one that future students will know about and benefit from -- one that you can feel pride in as a member of the Class of 2011.

2011 Class Gift Supporters

42 UC Merced alumni & students have supported the 2011 Class Gift!

Ruth and Cameron Adams Philip Jensen Kristopher Plambeck
Alisen K. Boada Joshua Klipstein Helena Rong
Kyndall Burgfeld Antonio Lopez Julia A. Rosas
Justin P. Chew Hilary Mekelburg Yaasha Sabbaghian
Megan Contreras Maricela Melendrez Dennis Seng
Melissa Culata Marisela Meskus Edward Tang
Leslie Dai Hoda Mirafzal Hall To
James Dui Cristina Moreno Stephen Truong
Brendan Engerbretsen Raul Munoz Maria Villarreal
Joshua Finley Uyen K. Nguyen Chunhua Wang
Andrea Fujii Jason Niemetz Autumn O. Williams-Hertz
Danielle Goynes Steven Nishimoto Kevin Wolff
Ashley Graham Morgan L. Penner Jacqueline Yanez
Justine Issavi Justin E. Placencia Hui Zhu

THANK YOU UCM staff and friends who have supported the 2011 Class Gift!

Donald and Tess Barclay Patti Kishi and Robert Chad Rudy and Brenda Ortiz
Mario and Marnee Chua Pope and Jane Lawrence Jeff Porto, Jr.
Cynthia Elias Charles and Sally Magneson Chi Chi and Roger Wood

THANK YOU to the Westly Foundation for making
a matching donation to the 2011 Class Gift!