Message from the UCMAA President - September '17

September 2017

Dear My Fellow UC Merced Alumni,

It is a very exciting time at our alma-mater. The Fall semester has just begun with 2,500 new freshmen, transfer, and graduate students crossing Scholars Bridge and entering the Beginnings Sculpture. The 2020 Project is rapidly going up to meet the needs of increasing enrollment and innovative research. Also, there are many exciting upcoming events for you!
The 3rd annual Journey 5K will be Saturday, September 9th. This year is a run for Ryan to honor the late Ryan Nunez, head coach of the UC Merced men’s and women’s cross country teams, and his passion for the sport he loved and the student athletes he mentored. Run, walk, volunteer, and/or donate to support student athletes in celebration of Ryan’s legacy. 
Our fall Homecoming tradition will be the weekend of October 20th. Come back to campus to see the amazing progress the 2020 Project has made in just 1-year! Hey, class of 2007, its been 10 years. And, my class of 2012, I can’t believe its been 5 years already. This Homecoming we will be celebrating the classes of 2007 and 2012. Join us as prospective student get a preview of our alma-mater, and reconnect with campus yourself.
Lastly, there are some awesome chapter regional events ahead for you all to enjoy. Don’t forget to update us on your journey beyond UC Merced; we want to know when you move, land a new job, get that awesome promotion, get married, and so much more. Saver the fall as the leaves turn, and keep UC Merced in your thoughts as our alma-mater makes many more milestones and contributes to our world in unique ways. Thank you for being involved and staying engaged with our alma mater. 

Let the Journey Continue...

Keith Ellis ‘12
UC Merced Alumni Association President