UCMAA Board Member W. Kyle Hamilton

Degree: Psychology/BA/2012

Occupation: Lab assistant III, School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced

Current residence: Merced

Board term: October 2013 to October 2015

A lot of UC Merced’s students come here for a UC-level education with a small-campus feel. That was exactly the reason William Kyle Hamilton (Psychology/BA/2012) chose to come to UC Merced. He wanted the chance to stand out in the crowd and not blend in with everyone else.

And he happened to like it here so much, he decided to work here after graduation. As a lab assistant in the School of Natural Sciences, he gets to work with faculty members, students and staff members in a very different way than he did as a student.

The transition has not always been easy. Hamilton said he’s had to let stuff go that would have caused an uprising in him as a student, but not in his role as a staff member on campus.

Through his role in the School of Natural Sciences labs, he has directly used some of the skills and concepts he learned in his undergraduate courses to benefit his work. He also has learned a lot about management because nine students report to him.

But that’s what he finds most rewarding – the direct effect he has on the students he manages and those who participate in the labs.

Through his active undergraduate experience and staff experience at UC Merced, Hamilton has strived to connect people and help them work together.

“This is the key to success,” he said, and he wants to be able to help people in any way to make sure they are successful.

 He also keeps a close watch on what’s happening with the UC Merced Alumni Association. With several close friends on the board, Hamilton gets pulled into board projects on occasion – including helping identify potential alumni chapter leaders.

With the network he has established on campus, it’s no wonder he had no problem coming up with a list of names.

Advice for students: Get active early on and get into research; it will all pay off in the end.

Board committees: Student-Alumni Relations; Transcript Review