UCMAA Board Member Eve Delfin

Degree: Social and Cognitive Science/BA/2006

Occupation: Community school manager, Oakland Unified School District

Current residence: Oakland

Board term: October 2012 to October 2014

Why were you interested in becoming a member of the UCMAA Board?
As an alum of UC Merced and member of the community, I truly believe in the vision and mission of UC Merced to serve those in the Valley and beyond. As a product of not only the UC community but of UC Merced, I understand the value that the university brings and the impact it has and will continue to have in the Central Valley and the state.

I believe UC Merced combines quality research with real world understanding to bring solutions and inventions that will heighten awareness, bring resources and knowledge that can increase quality of life and health.

I have personally seen UC Merced grow in reputation across the state. Because I now work in Bay Area schools, I have witnessed and have counseled students in considering UC Merced as their college choice. This has given me insight into how we can further UC Merced and supporting its efforts in recognizing the opportunities in research and internship as well as other programs and services available to students who attend UC Merced.

Student activities: Latino Associated Students; UC Merced Folklorico; MECHA; Chican@/Latin@ Commencement Committee; and STOMP

Board committees: N/A