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UC Merced Alumni Association Board

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The purpose of the UC Merced Alumni Association Board is to provide an opportunity for enthusiastic alumni to become more engaged with and serve the needs of the university. The board is designed to support the strategic goals of the Alumni Office to increase alumni involvement with the university through leveraging their networks and engagement opportunities. Board membership is a privilege, and prospective members must complete an application process to be considered.

Interested in serving on the UCMAA Board or just curious about what they do? Check out the Alumni Board Member Position Description.

To learn more about the Board's responsibilities, view the UC Merced Alumni Association constitution and UC Merced Alumni Association By-laws.

The Board is also under the purview of the University of California's Administrative Guidelines for Alumni Associations and Constituency Groups.

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Approved Resolutions

The UCMAA approved their first official resolution at their April 13, 2013 meeting in support of Chancellor Leland's 2020 Project. Read more here.