Alumni Highlight: Sara Anastos '10

Major: Biological Sciences

Currently living: Lathrop

Current Occupation: Assistant to campus architect and associate vice chancellor for Physical Planning, Design and Construction. 

Board Term: October 2014 to October 2016 

Sara Anastos is one of more than four dozen proud UC Merced alumni employees. It’s a strange transition from student to staff member.
“As a staff member, I work behind the scenes. Most students have never heard of my department,” Anastos  said. 
When Anastos came to UC Merced in 2005, campus looked very different. The Classroom and Office Building wasn’t open yet; students were taking classes in the California room and Kolligian Library.
“The first years weren’t glamorous,” she said. “But there was a community between the students and staff.”
Through her role in the Physical Planning, Design and Construction Office at UC Merced, Anastos is directly involved in the campus’s continued growth and expansion.
“My work helps me feel connected to my alma mater, and I am very proud to be working there," Anastos said. “I really love being able to contribute and be part of a campus that I have grown to love so much.”
Anastos didn’t always know that she wanted to work at UC Merced. In fact, she took some time post-graduation to really think about what she wanted to do professionally.
“I was in limbo and pursued science for a while, but I lost interest in it,” she said. “But then I found my fit at UC Merced.”
Anastos continues to be connected to the university by advising the Sports Shooting Club, a student organization she helped found, and married her college sweetheart Ross Anastos (Political Science/BA/2009).
She encourages UC Merced students to “get involved. Be committed to the campus and a part of the campus community by working, volunteering or participating in events... These connections — the community you build — will sustain you through your college career and beyond.”