Alumni Advisors

The Alumni Advisors program connects UC Merced Alumni Association members to selected Student Alumni Association members.


Alumni advisors commit to meeting with their selected students three times during each semester-long program. The Office of Alumni Relations coordinates three group activities, but it's also fine for the advisor to meet with his or her student individually or virtually if necessary.

At each meeting, a career-related topic should be discussed. This could be a lesson how to search for jobs, goal setting, appropriate office attire and behavior, information you wish you would have known to prepare for life post-UC Merced, etc.

Matching Criteria

Alumni advisors are matched with students based on several criteria including location, major, career field, student activities, etc. Our first priority is to ensure this is a rewarding experience for both the advisor and the student.

Unfortunately, not all alumni or students will be matched each semester.


Each alumni advisor is expected to meet with his or her student three times during the semester and focus on sharing insights, advice and potential further contacts for each student's professional development. Each meeting should be conducted in a professional manner. Any inappropriate behavior reported will be promptly addressed, and offending parties will be removed.


If you're interested in giving back to UC Merced in this way, please fill out our alumni advisor registration form. We are accepting applications for our next semester. You will be notified of your selection.

Thank you for your interest in the Alumni Advisors Program!