UCMAA Board Member Kevin Rico

Degree: Management/BS/2010

Occupation: Sales manager at Vista Solar

Current residence: Sunnyvale

Board term: October 2012 to October 2014

What skills, experiences or abilities do you have that will make the greatest impact on your service to the UCMAA Board as it reaches out across the community and world to better engage UC Merced alumni?

I was a co-founder of the first alumni-created technology startup at University of California, Merced, in 2010. I have been an advocate of UC Merced since first stepping on campus. I was asked to participate in 2007 at UC Merced's first UC Day visit in Sacramento where we met with state officials to give brief overviews of how the university was doing and to rally support for funding for the UC system in general. I was asked to participate again the next year and had even more enthusiasm knowing the UC system was suffering budget cuts.

I've also been involved with the business community when starting SunTherm Energy, my start-up, which including being an invited presenter at the annual Central Valley Venture Forum in Fresno in 2011. I was also an invited member of the Climate Action Plan Advisory Committee for City of Merced, which advised the city on environmental matters.

I've had experiences ranging from talking to CEOs and CFOs with boardroom-level conversations about potential business arrangements. To working directly with fellow students leading a new service learning team in the engineering department. I enjoy working with people and achieving goals like fundraising. Overall I will be a life long champion for UC Merced and only wish I could give back more than I already do.

Student activities: Student research assistant

Board committees: N/A